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Very urgent !!!!

Transition part 1 

September 15, 2021

Become active through awareness, act today !!!!!!

You who are reading this have your own role in this story, especially if you read the Transition Part 2 at the bottom.

This information was provided to us
by a GESARA insider.

There are several aspects that influence each other, which we can look at from the negative or positive options.

The end time is a much heard expression, but is this really the case, whose end time is meant here.

We now see the old system collapsing before our eyes, the system of coercion and manipulation to keep total control over us is now on the verge of collapse, so the end time of the Archons is now in full swing.

The expression the glass is half full, or the glass is half empty gives two propositions that of we still have possibilities or we lose our control (this control was only an illusion if we thought we had it ourselves).

I would therefore like to describe the present time as the rebirth of the human race.

This is partly caused by awareness of the timeline we have been through.

A timeline of the past, present on the way to the future.

We the human race are going to take back our self-determination, which also means that we are responsible for our new future.

I would name this as freedom without coercion or manipulation from a sick top down system into the future.

The plan, of which we are a part, will come into effect, while we ourselves may fill in the details of our future.

Since it is an interaction between people who take the direction from the population, it is desirable that we do this in a structured way and make good choices for the future.

Compare it to putting together a recipe for a meal, when we have decided together what we want to eat, what do you want to make, what do you need and how long does it take to prepare the meal.

Many people of good will want to start doing nice projects for the future, to quickly bury the old system.

Then it seems useful if we know what we want to achieve with what objectives in what time, to be able to make a considered choice we must take stock of what is our playing field, and where are we in this situation.

This is necessary to determine the right position and road to the new future, where there are unknown variables of possibilities that we can not yet oversee in detail, partly due to the release of many patents and opportunities that support our lives and road to the future.

Therefore, creating a clear structure and forming working protocols is an important item to start shaping the intended plans and possibilities for the future.

The structure:

1. Set up a foundation such as GESARA to be recorded at a Notary Public with a clear objective in the statutes, in many cases it suffices: A to promote employment, B fundraising to be able to realize A.

How you work internally to achieve this will come in the next steps.

2. Which people are suitable for which positions in the foundation.

3. Communication between board members; this is choosing options, to respond quickly and clearly, to set policy.

Here you choose a working system of hardware and software to suit your needs and have it maintained.

4. Structure of the organization; this is co-dependent on the size and scope that is going to be during the growth of this organization and the cooperation with other countries through various projects, knowledge transfer and organizational structures to be aligned.

5. Categorize the working groups; This section is not directly necessary in a board of the foundation if it concerns the interpretation as part of the foundation.

The board determines the way to go, gives guidance to an underlying board layer that will consist of several departments.

6. Organizational culture: The board of the foundation is a policy-making body that will assess the plans, signals and external communications that determine the route for the future.

The following information can be determined in which layer of the organization it best fits.

A, Board of the Foundation,

B, Back Office area, Financial accounting administration and purchase / sales payments, Property management, Facility services, Technical service, Research production and training, ect.........................

C, Front Office portion. Projects entrance and assessment, Steering of projects to project leaders, Project coaching and monitoring, Project security and external control, Recruitment and selection of Personnel, Entrepreneurial opportunities for companies destroyed by the old system, here we bring in entrepreneurs who can make a restart after bankruptcy.

D, Projects Implementation.

Of course, an alignment of the right mind set is necessary, defining and using the same protocols together to avoid disruption.

Setting up the organization is the project, to be able to streamline follow-up projects.

To do this, the details must be worked out that each department and management needs in order to organize the total overview and transparency.

From day X there will be a timeline to start projects on January 1, 2022, however, partial orders may be outsourced before this date to companies that will make the preparations from design to production of the necessary hardware needed to start.

We are going to experience a growth that we cannot fully oversee, but it is clear that it will be immense, because we are turning the Top Down structure to Bottom Up, not that we are going to do this ourselves but we are facilitating these activities that enable the population to make their own choices for the future.

It is therefore important that we disseminate this widely and support people who want to shape this in their own region.

What details we fill in here, people from the regions can decide for themselves in order to determine the democracy for a human society.

Each municipality in the country (365) is a separate project, so the old system is replaced in the service of the people by the people.

The implementation of new technologies are going to change our lives considerably.

We are building the foundation of the future together, where we cannot oversee everything now, because the PLAN of the current alliance for the liberation of humanity is still in progress, and not completely known, the 120 days we are under temporary military rule will therefore give more clarity.

When we are sovereign, we also determine our own course and do not follow imposed dictates from a dictator in the future.

Transition part 2 

September 23rd 2021

Dear readers of this info and tips, according to the expected developments.

Forget the banks and all the info, that you have to be at the banks to exchange your Zim, this will be rather on military basis all over the world, anyway not at banks that are bankrupt.

WWG1WGA also counts for the Banks that are connected with bad debts of the Fiat debt system is my simple thinking.

A lot can happen tomorrow the 24th of September 2021, this will be able to trigger the collapse of Banks in a chain reaction.

We patriots can prepare for this by taking immediate action now.

What did I do:

I have purchased enough food for at least 2 months, because we have to eat anyway.

Fueled up my car.

I have a power generator + 60 liters of gasoline in stock.

I have enough cash in the house, because I'm alone anyway and won't incur any expenses for the next period.

The smart Bank Run that is not immediately noticeable I am now going to explain.

A while ago I took out a Visa credit card, for the cost per year you get various benefits, buying at a discount, but also including travel insurance.

Now I have this Visa Card more upgraded as my limit on this card, that I get 0% interest on the positive balance is no disaster.

The moment the 3GD breaks in China, and this can be expected from tomorrow the 24th, the whole manufacturing industry of the world will be destroyed.

So it is important to secure the little money you have.

I do this with and buy XLM in order to be able to buy shares, the choice is yours, I have Comex589 silver shares, 24K Gold Doge, Lire, Diruma, Stellar XLM Diamond.

Make sure you don't withdraw all your money, for your fixed running costs leave the money still in your account, if the bank falls over, the damage is limited and your landlord will also suffer.

When the big crash comes tomorrow, you will have done everything to limit your own damage. Later, when the system has collapsed, it will also be possible to deposit your XLM back into your Visa card so you can dispose of it yourself again.

As a nice side effect the XLM will increase considerably in value, Lobstr will become the replacement for Wall Street, so people with a lot of money will also start to secure their money, let's call them the whales, where we as people of the first hour will then reap the benefits through the price increase this will cause.

When the RV is really a reality many foreign currencies will have revalued, the Indo-Diruma, and Italy-Lire can then be assigned a much higher value.

You will then earn from the increase in value of the XLM and the increase in value of the foreign currencies.

There is of course urgency to act, fact is you don't lose value or mitigate the risk considerably, because Lobstr is linked to the QFS, and meets this condition that everything will be value backed with a counter value and commodities.

If 1,000,000 people do this around the world the banks will come to an end faster than we currently assume.

Since NESARA / GESARA has in fact become TRUMPSARA the plans of the globalists fall apart completely as the QFS has then replaced the SWIFT protocols with the CIPS system.

This leaves the Cabal completely without financial power to implement their world dictatorship.

Today is D Day - Tomorrow is liberation from evil by taking power away from them in this way.

When Bit Coin loses its 99.5% in value, it is going to be compensated through the Sellar shares in Lobstr and its peers.

The demand for shares will then determine the value, no more external manipulation by the Wall Street Gangsters and their owners.

Along with taking down the Banks, the politicians no longer have power over the people, they will become the hunted for all the revealed crimes they have committed.

Expect the mercy blow to the scum that committed the Genocide on the world population by October 2, 2021, the collection of Crooks may take longer, the fact is that they will have no power then and we can work on the new future, without any political party, it has to come from the people.

No politicians with a Napoleon delusion is more acceptable to the population.

As of October 20, 2021, the authorization of the current Bio-Weapon-Vaccines expires in Europe, politicians want to kill as many people as possible, now using the QR code requirement which is completely illegal.

The New Star

Arrests in Reno

We've heard for many years that arrests will escalate in the end days of RV GCR. Immediately once the party (to be arrested) exchanges currency/bonds, etc., they will be arrested for crimes committed. The principal crime being taking another's precious assets without proper licensing, or authority. How many "paymasters" will be arrested? We have no way of knowing. This is something that's been expected, and we also don't expect to abate, not until the RV GCR is over and done - sometime in October?

If you're one of the Brave Hearts that stayed the course, believing that once the System was gone - caput - eliminated, that in a fair and just world you'd have the same ability to exchange, and even to negotiate a "contract rate" for projects. If you believed in the ultimate return to Freedom and Sovereignty found in NESARA with its principles of common law fairness, congratulations for your wisdom and especially for the fortitude you demonstrated. Steering clear of fear-mongers touting that "only they would be able to exchange," took some doing.

The "arrests" of hundreds of thousands is committed and It Is Written. These arrests have been foreseen and foretold and we, Tier 4, are to stand witness of this great cleanse of evil. We are to manage the development of a Beautiful World, free from corrupt practices and blackmail. With Tier 4's incredibly large numbers we will see this Good Work happen quickly.